Emerald Swallowtail

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I belong to a photography group called Stratford Clicks – it’s not the conventional sort of photo club, with regular meetings and competitions, but more of a loose support group for camera addicts. Every now and then though there are exhibitions or events, and today some of us met at Stratford Butterfly Farm, where one of our members is an Education Officer. C. walked us through the building, pointing out things of interest and explaining about butterfly and moth life cycles – it was extremely interesting, and I just wish I wasn’t so old that I’ve already forgotten most of what she told us.

I do remember that the flower on which this emerald Swallowtail is resting is lantana – a plant which is apparently regarded as a pernicious weed in many places, but which is much loved by butterflies as a source of nectar. The butterflies were very skittish today, and I’ve had no trouble at all in culling 90% of my shots; but I was lucky in catching this little chap while he was taking five.