Parrot tulips

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I’ve had another catch-up day, and have finally managed to finish processing my photos from the Complete Walk: if you don’t know me on Facebook, but would like to take a look, the album is here.

I’ve also Dropboxed some shots of the Lord Leycester Hospital from the blipmeet on Tuesday for the lovely people there, who I know are on the lookout for new photos. And I nipped into Stratford at lunch time to get some routine blood tests done; the walk-in service at Stratford Hospital is excellent, and I was astonished to hear that there are people who complain if they have to wait five minutes for their turn – I wonder what they’ll have to say if our esteemed Health Secretary succeeds in dismantling the NHS altogether?

I was saving these parrot tulips for a Flower Friday image, but this morning I remembered that I have a photography club thingy at Stratford Butterfly Farm tomorrow, and I daresay that I’ll be posting a photo from there, so I decided to blip them today instead. They’ve gone all sprawly, as a good tulip should, which made them a little tricky to shoot, but I put the vase on the sunny sitting room windowsill and after playing around for a few minutes I found this angle, which I rather like. I hope you do too.

I’m off to make dinner now – I need to build up my strength, because this evening it’s the final episode of the excellent Line of Duty. I watched last week’s through my fingers, squeaking at intervals, so by 9pm tonight I will probably be peering out from behind the sofa, and a small bucket of wine will quite possibly be consumed.