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I’m thinking of starting a new business: if anyone ever needs the sun to come out, they can pay me to take my light pad into the conservatory to photograph a flower. Today was dank and dark until I started work on this daffodil, but almost immediately the sun appeared, and ruined my photos by casting shadows.

Or so I thought, until I processed them.

Generally when you do this kind of thing you aim for really flat, even light, but when I created that by standing between the daffodil and the sun, the resulting images were so lacking in contrast and definition that Photoshop couldn’t stack them automatically and I had to do it manually. And having done that, the results were boring; several bouts of fartnarkling with effects and textures ensued, but I still couldn’t get to a result that pleased my eye. So finally I stacked the contrasty files… just to see…. and was surprised to find that I like the result. 

So there you go: a daffodil in unexpected late afternoon sunshine. Quite spring-like, I think.