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Although we were desperately tired today – and pretty down, to be honest, because we’re honestly expecting the Liar to succeed in forcing Brexit through at some point next week – R and I just don’t seem to be able to stop walking. So when the sky cleared after an overcast morning, we took ourselves off to Croome and marched around the estate, gradually relaxing as the place worked its usual magic.

I hadn’t been expecting to see any dragons today because it was quite cold, but to my delight there were still three male Migrant Hawkers hunting and bickering down at the lake. It’s now nearly two weeks later than when I took my final photos of this species last year, and five weeks later than my last sightings in 2017, so I feel justified in saying that they’ve had a good year. And as R pointed out, even though I’m sad now that it’s nearly over, I’ve had a good dragon year too.

I took a number of photos of a tree by the river that’s coming into glorious autumn colour, and this evening I’ve wasted spent quite a lot of time constructing an “in the round” image out of them. But it didn’t quite work – it wasn’t impressionistic enough to be obviously deliberately creative, but looked more like an accidental multiple exposure. So instead, I’ve gone with a view of the house, made as a stitched panorama from five portrait shots.