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It was an odd kind of day today – warm and muggy, but heavily overcast and spitting with rain, as though the clouds were very slightly leaking. Which on reflection was possibly what was happening – though meteorology isn’t my strong suit, so I may need putting straight on the matter.

Anyhoo, it wasn’t the best day for photography, what with horrible light and all sensible invertebrates being tucked away in whatever was their chosen form of shelter, so I was beginning to think about setting up an indoor shot, when I spotted a couple of new blooms on my Iceberg rose, and liked the way they were glowing against the dark background. I hope you do too.

In other news, one of my neighbours has been robbed by one of those people who comes round with a holdall full of tea towels and a sob story – so if you’re not already very wary of doorstep traders, please do be aware that bad stuff can happen. In our household, people tend to walk part way up the drive, catch sight of R sitting in his study, assess the level of welcome in his expression, and turn straight round and walk away again – but just in case they do get to the door we also have a notice next to the knocker that says, in effect, Don’t even think about it, which seems to afford the appropriate level of discouragement.

And in much nicer, photographic news, this charming story about a car boot sale find happened across my Twitter feed today – it has now hit the mainstream news, I believe, but this version was posted by the son of the guy who made the discovery.