This female Melanostoma scalare refused to be interrupted in the middle of her meal by some idiot sticking a camera and a light in her face, and carried on doggedly browsing the dogwood.

A woman after my own heart.

Today wasn’t really a day for macro photography, being both dark and windy, which is why I was compelled in the end to break out the Lumimuse. Even so, this being one of the darkest corners of the wild garden, the ISO is too high for comfort – but given the way the shrub was moving, I am reasonably pleased with the focus. This works as a kind of companion piece to the image I blipped ten days ago of a male M. scalare, and shows the difference in body shape of the sexes.

Tonight R and I watched Long Shot on Netflix for Lockdown Family Film Club. It was a pleasant and undemanding way to spend an evening – which to be honest we’d all earned, after some difficult recent choices – and it would be ridiculous to complain that the ending was unrealistic, so I won’t. I don’t find Seth Rogen as charming as the rest of the world seems to, but Charlize Theron is very good, and the supporting cast is excellent.