Calla lily

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The pot of calla lilies I bought a couple of months ago is now going over – quite literally: as each stem ages it demonstrates that it’s shuffling off this mortal coil by collapsing sideways onto the table. The foliage tends to collapse in on itself too, going limp and soggy as though pan-wilted, but this flower stem had enough resilience to make it onto the light pad to be immortalised.

While I was editing my shots (the full sequence of which is here) I had a vague thought of taking one or two of them into Photoshop and applying a texture. I may still do that on a day when I don’t have ten folders of unprocessed files niggling at me, but for today I decided to process very simply and keep the images clean. Although “clean” is perhaps slightly debatable: I’ve chosen to feature this one because it has a tiny touch of the Georgia O’Keefe thing going on, and which I quite like.

Is that the time? Off to choir! Laters…