Avon life

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I’ve had another day of not really managing to do very much. The next time the rheumatologist informs me authoritatively that tiredness and stress do not affect RA itself but merely my perception of it, I must remember to ask whether they’re also allowed to affect my husband’s perception of the state of my hands, and whether or not I can get my rings on. Grrrrr.

I did have to go to Stratford, for an x-ray on my wrenched shoulder – which is nothing to do with arthritis, but is a side-effect of owning a a PBGV. I’ve finally stopped pretending that it will sort itself out, but before taking myself off for physiotherapy I thought I’d better have a word with my GP, who has ordered a couple of tests to confirm that the issue is just soft tissue damage. R drove me to the hospital, which helpfully has a drop-in x-ray clinic, and then we went for coffee and a walk along the Avon.

There was all kinds of interesting stuff going on down at the river, and though conditions were a little tricky because the light was fading fast I took far too many photos (of course!). There are a few more, including a couple of the Swan Whisperer, on Flickr, starting here.