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A horrible day of grungy, mizzly mist, bringing everyone’s mood (certainly my mood) down to rock bottom.

This evening a looooooong and almost indescribably tedious meeting (though R did have to hear a great deal of description when I arrived home), in which tempers frayed and no-one distinguished themselves. 

A scary drive home through monsoon rain that had me needing to use the wipers on full, on roads covered with standing water and spreading flash-flood pools. At some points the MX-5 was aquaplaning.

The nicest thing that happened all day was the realisation that the amaryllis in the conservatory had suddenly burst into flower – I don’t know how really, because I’ve had it on short commons since last spring. This may explain the fact that the stem is only a few centimetres tall; when it goes over I must repot it into better compost than it’s currently starving in.

The last time I photographed it I went for a wide view with lots of detail, so this time I thought I’d go for close-up and selective focus. This type of image isn’t one of my strengths, but I’m trying.