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Unsurprisingly, I’ve been tired and unproductive today. The weather wasn’t great either, though that didn’t stop R from doing some gardening, but I mainly just skulked about. I did do some light pad photography, from which this is my favourite image of the day. It’s a composite of four images, taken at f/32 and +2.3 stops of exposure; stacked in Photoshop, and sharpened with a High-Pass filter.

I should probably try to get out more.

Many thanks for your kindness on yesterday’s Demoiselle. I’ve been worrying about her today – which in itself is an indication that I’m feeling a trifle frail: life is short and dangerous for these gorgeous insects, and I know perfectly well that there’s absolutely no point in doing anything other than accepting that fact. But we’re apparently due some summer next week, and I very much hope that when the sun comes out I’ll be able to find her again, and take advantage of her boldness to get some more photos.