White on white

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I’m currently trying to push through a project that should have been completed three months ago, and which is causing me so much stress that I’ve finally forced myself to grit my teeth, woman up, buckle down, and apply some effort. If I reach a break point by the end of this evening I may reward myself with a day out tomorrow. If not, I may still be at my desk come breakfast time.

When it occurred to me late this afternoon that I hadn’t taken a photo, I grabbed this orchid from the bathroom window sill, and back lit it with the light pad for a white on white photo. I’ve done this before – and almost certainly better, because the previous time I wasn’t trying to do it in the Stygian gloom of a winter dusk – but this is one of those exercises that bears repeating as an exercise in getting the exposure right in camera.

Did I get this right in camera? Of course I didn’t. I was close, but should have taken an extra two minutes to set up a front light as well. But failure is a better teacher than success, right?