Wedding Day Minus Two

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R and I spent the morning playing Luggage Tetris with both cars, and finally succeeded in filling every available square centimetre of space that wasn’t required for a driver, with clothes/equipment/supplies for The Wedding. Then, realising that we’d neglected to account for transporting 

1. The Dress; and
2. Child Two

we unpacked it all and started over.

(I have, as you may perhaps have suspected, exaggerated slightly here for effect. But it’s definitely the case that the last time we went anywhere with this amount of stuff, we were moving house.)

Arriving in Monmouthshire, we deposited most of the car contents at the holiday barn we’ve rented for the week, a lovely, family-run place called Cwrt St Thomas, and then went up to Maesbrook, just a mile up the (truly terrifying) road. The rest of the wedding party was already on site – L and G, plus the groom’s parents, brother and b-i-l, and both best women and best men together with their partners and children; and within a couple of hours my sister K also arrived. The barn where the ceremony and wedding breakfast will take place is already quite transformed from the state in which I saw them yesterday, but there’s still A LOT to do tomorrow.

This evening we had a relaxed meal in the big house where the groomsmen and women are staying with their families – such charming young people, it was a genuine pleasure to spend time getting to know them. The Bride and Groom seem extraordinarily calm at this stage, and I hope we can all keep this upbeat mood through to Sunday.

Weather fabulous. Forecast for Sunday not so good, though improved on the prediction from a few days ago. Much comparing of weather apps!