Wedding Day Minus One

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Today was pretty full-on, with all the bridal party working hard to get the barn ready for tomorrow. By early evening it was looking pretty good, with the ceremony area set up and all the wedding breakfast tables decorated; there’s still some tidying to do first thing tomorrow, but nothing that can’t be dealt with by a few strong men.

Child Two, who will be playing intro and outro to the ceremony, as well as during the signing of the register, has spent much of the day practising and has now finalised his “set list” with L and G.

This evening the barn was closed up, and fifty or so people came for a barbecue at the big house where the groomsmen and best women are staying. G’s parents were in charge of food, while R and I manned the bar – which was a good way of meeting some of the guests we didn’t already know.

Weather still good, though getting a little threatening – it seems we’ll be having some rain overnight, but with luck not much during the day tomorrow. There’s still a tiny chance that the ceremony will be able to take place outside, but no-one’s counting on it.