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Being domestic goddesses, R and I cleaned some windows this morning. At which point, obviously, it began raining. So we went to Hillers, where it was also raining, but where they have cake.

The clearing outside the hide was very quiet, though I did have the pleasure of watching a goldcrest rummaging through a laurel bush for invertebrates; getting focus on it, sadly, was impossible, and after a few seconds of frantic activity it zoomed away to try its luck elsewhere. The wren which lives somewhere near the pond was also out and about, busily fossicking for insects, but too far away for good photos. Only a few individuals presented themselves at the bird table for portraits, and my favourite of them is this dunnock, demonstrating its excellent waterproofing.

This evening I’ve been rehearsing with Chipping Campden Festival Chorus, which in my head is Choir One because I’ve been with them for so long. Our concert is now approaching fast, and I’m very much looking forward to it.