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I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a Common Carder as strongly coloured as this one before – it was the brightest thing in the garden on a rather dark and moody afternoon, and contrasted especially well with the toadflax it was browsing. R has chosen this view of it because he likes the composition; my other favourite has gone onto Twitter, should you care to see it.

I was feeling a bit offish today, but still managed to get through a list of useful tasks, including a little light gardening, and a fair amount of photo processing and reporting of insect records. I also took a quick trip to Evesham to collect a laptop I bought on line at the weekend, with a view to finally getting rid of the ancient steam-powered PC that’s been hogging one side of my desk for the past twelve years. I haven’t yet got as far as looking at the laptop, but I think it’s important to approach these things cautiously: the box has made it into my study, and later in the week (if I’m feeling dynamic) I will at least think about opening it. It’s going to take work and determination, but all being well the new machine could be plugged in and switched on by Christmas.