Turned out wet again

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But what is our mantra?

Our mantra is: “Well, the garden needed it!”

Actually, it’s starting to be questionable if the garden needs much more just now – in the past few days the ground has gone from the consistency of concrete to being like a wet sponge. When I went down into the wild garden this morning to fetch the hound back for his walk, water was oozing up over my shoes.


Anyway, it gave me the opportunity to go round looking for picturesque droplets – and I thought these were rather nice ones, on this year’s solitary flowering head of Agapanthus ‘Blue Peter’. The extra shot is Crocosmia ‘Paul’s Best Yellow’ with agapanthus bokeh. I didn’t spot the little bug on the crocosmia leaf until I was editing – which saved the bug from having a huge lens pushed right in its face, but means that I can’t identify it. I suspect it was probably eating something it shouldn’t, but I try to take a broad view of these situations.

150726 6 crocosmia

If, however, I should discover the culprit who has chewed both the emerging flower spikes of a young kniphofia clean off, Words Will Be Exchanged.