Tulips from….

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Today dawned with a bit of a shock, after the the unseasonably gorgeous weather we had over the weekend: it was largely cloudy, and the temperature had dropped by about 10ยบ. I thought that if I went for an early walk I might be able to catch some sluggish bugs, but though I combed the village I only found a couple of mining bees, snoozing on adjacent dandelions. By the time I arrived home my teeth were aching from the cold.

I’m posting this photo of the Amsterdam Souvenir Tulip Pot (complete with tulips all the way from Waitrose in Stratford) partly because I like it, but also to mark the day I finished back-blipping photos from our visit to Amsterdam last week. If you’re interested but haven’t already seen them, please do take a look:

Day 1 – a tedious journey, but a lovely night walk along the canals
Day 2 – the Rijksmuseum
Day 3 – lots of churches
Day 4 – a day that improved as it went along
Day 5 – a dachshund, and some souvenirs; this entry makes less sense now than it did when I wrote it, just after we arrived home, but it’s far too late to worry about that now!