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R and I went into Stratford for lunch today. A passable morning was in the throes of turning into a gloomy afternoon, so while R went ahead to get the wine in, I walked along the river in search of a photo.

I was highly taken with this little terrier, who was accompanying rather than being walked by his owner: he was very busy and independent, reading weemails and generally checking things out, not obviously taking much notice of his human, but always managing to be at the man’s heels when he needed to be. I’d just followed them down the steps from the RST boardwalk into the Bancroft Gardens when he made this stop and looked at the chap as if asking permission for something, and I managed to take a couple of shots before he got the nod and took off. He galloped along the quay, clearing all the birds off it, and then scampered back looking very pleased with himself; this must be a ritual thing, because he only did it once, and they then walked away across the gardens.

(The birds, needless to say, were back in place before he’d even rejoined his owner.)

This evening we went back to Stratford to hear a talk on the current state of Brexit by Professor Michael Dougan, laid on by Stratford4Europe. He’s a really good speaker, and I recommend you to try to hear him if you can.