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J: “What does a cat say?” B: “Rrrar.” J: “Very good! A lion says Rrrar, doesn’t it? A cat says Miaow.” I didn’t get a “Miaow” back, but I did get a grin, which was a win today because the … Continued

Story time

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That’s not my grandson… its nose isn’t snotty enough. Oh, wait…. Spoke too soon. Luckily I’d taken the decision not to wear clean jeans this morning, so it didn’t matter that my leg was used as a handkerchief several times … Continued

What to choose…?

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When a boy has mastered crawling, the world is his toy basket. And for his ancient grandparents, watching him crawl over to his toy basket and kneel up to choose something to play with provided a happy interlude, as they … Continued

Saving the best till last

We have become a grandmother. M. Thatcher, 1989 Baby B was born in Cardiff in the small hours of New Year’s Eve, to the absolute delight of a quartet of cheering grandparents. His story, and that of his parents, is … Continued