Story time

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That’s not my grandson… its nose isn’t snotty enough.

Oh, wait….

Spoke too soon.

Luckily I’d taken the decision not to wear clean jeans this morning, so it didn’t matter that my leg was used as a handkerchief several times over the course of the day. I can’t speak for the sofa and the carpet though.

As you can see, Baby B is very advanced. It hardly seems any time at all since I was reading this book to him, and now he can do it all by himself. His other major milestone since our last trip to Wales is to have worked out that shaking his head means no. He’s also worked out that it’s a fun game to ask for something by waving his arms at it and making a wanting it kind of noise and then, when it’s offered to him, to shake his head vehemently and refuse it. His mother had stopped doing the same thing by around her mid-twenties though, so there’s hope that he may yet grow out of it.

You understand (I’m sure) that I’m only recounting our day like this because it’s embarrassing to keep gushing about how gorgeous The Boy is. But just to dispel any lingering doubts: he’s amazing, and we adore him.