Stewards’ Enquiry

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At the Alternative Olympic Games, two members of the Neoascia Mixed Gymnastics Squad mistimed a vault in practice, and found themselves the subject of an IAOC investigation and some lurid speculation in the tabloid press….

“What shiny little hoverflies,” I can hear you thinking. Well, no – they’re not. Little, definitely – they’re only about half a centimetre long – but to the naked eye they’re just tiny black flies. The reason they’re quite sparkly in this photo is that I was using flash. Let’s think about that for a moment…. it’s the second of August, it was 2 o’clock in the afternoon, and it was so dark and windy in the garden that the only way I could get any macro shots was to add flash.


Today was not a good day (apart from dinner with the two men in my life, which was charming). Tomorrow will be better. Oh yes, it will.

Many thanks to osuzanna for hosting Tiny Tuesday this week – if you haven’t already seen it, do check out her dragon from yesterday.