Starling gazing

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As soon as R saw this photo he said, “That’s your blip.” I’ve spent the past two hours havering over some others that I liked just as much, before deciding that if one of us has a strong preference, I might as well go with it.

I’ve put my other favourites of the day on Facebook; the weather was dreary, but nevertheless I thought it might be worth going out in search of birds, and despite the the mizzle and the horrible light I surprised myself by enjoying my walk, and coming home with several reasonable photos. I quite like this shot of the starlings on the village telephone wires (from which they’d just lifted off when I took the featured one). I also spent several amused minutes hunting a little gang of long-tailed tits which were dashing hither and yon through a hedge, pulling off growth buds (and I assume, eating them) – they’re so tiny, and so fast, that I was pleased a few of the shots came out reasonably well. And as I was squelching back home a redwing landed in a tree very close to me, and I managed to snap it before it took off again, which was pleasing.

Over the past couple of days I’ve done something to my low back that’s causing me grief, so I’m now off to torture it into submission on my shakti mat. Deep breathing will be required…..