While R and I were up in Leeds, L messaged us a photo of Baby B, whom she’d just discovered out in the hall, sitting on the floor in his ‘jamas with a beatifically innocent expression on his face and a rice snack in either hand, after discovering and raiding the snack stash in the tray underneath the pushchair. I was reminded of this when I happened across this Opilione today, casually hanging out among the birch catkin bugs on the photinia. To be fair, as I said in my blip on Tuesday, it’s not really known what Opilio canestrinii likes to eat, but she must be eating something, and this leaf axil appears suddenly to have become a birch-catkin-free zone.


This afternoon R and I went into Stratford and met up with our co-grandparents, who are in town for a social gathering. We drank coffee and ate cake, and had great fun sharing anecdotes about The Boy. They’re doubly blessed, being grandparents of his younger cousin as well, and it was interesting to hear their take on the differences between the boys’ personalities. We continue to be in full agreement that grandparenthood is simply the best thing ever.