One day, twelve pics

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I know that a number of blippers have already signed up for the photography course run by the photographer Emma Davies, A Year With My Camera, which promises to provide inspiration and challenges through 2016. If you haven’t already taken a look at it, you have until Wednesday evening to sign up. The first project that Emma set us, a couple of days ago, was to post twelve photos, taken at the rate of one an hour on the same day – and I decided to have a go at this today. Considering that I almost never move without a camera about my person I found it surprisingly difficult, but quite interesting.

This shot was extra to the twelve, and was taken when R and I were in Stratford late this afternoon; I took a shot of the Stratford Tree of Light for my project, but having already blipped that I looked for something a little different to share here. So: you are looking along Church Street towards Old Town, with the town centre behind you. On your left are the Elizabethan Alms Houses (still in use, though I’ve heard that these days they struggle to find people who meet the criteria to be awarded one); on your right is the Shakespeare Institute; and the rather lovely Georgian building facing you across the junction with Chestnut Walk is the main entrance to Stratford Preparatory school. It’s a street which I use several times a week and usually barely look at, but the combination of a telephoto lens and some nice dusk light have reminded me that it’s a rather lovely place!