Mono Monday: Water

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If you have a cart that gets dirty and needs to be washed regularly, I recommend that you should move to Chipping Campden, which has a dedicated cart wash through which you can drive your dirty cart. If however you’re a tourist who doesn’t have a dirty cart but thinks that water such as this is a leisure resource of some kind, I recommend you to read the signs and keep out of the cart wash, because the wet stones are slippery.

Also in this photo: Chipping Campden Parish Church, and the pepperpot gatehouses of Old Campden House. And on the right hand side the Court Barn Museum, which was recently robbed of some irreplaceable Arts & Crafts pieces. And quite a lot of cars, which are a perennial problem when you’re trying to get a half-decent shot of Chipping Camden. R suggested that it would be a better photo cropped just below the gatehouses…. Sigh.