Mono Monday: Small

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Today R and I said a temporary goodbye to H and G as they went off on the next leg of the tour; they’ll be rattling through again at the end of this week, but for now the house seems very empty and quiet. And devoid of food – which shouldn’t be a surprise after all my years of watching the efficiency with which Youth can empty a refrigerator, but it appears that one forgets these things quite readily.

R and I did various useful things such as stripping beds and laundering sheets, and then we went off to Stratford, powered efficiently through a longish list of errands, and rewarded ourselves with coffee and cake. It was a nice, spring-like day, but by the time we arrived home, with bags of shopping but no photos, the light was deteriorating – so I grabbed the camera and rushed out in search of a flower or a bug. There were a couple of large bumblebees droning about, but they didn’t settle even long enough for an ID shot, so in the end I concentrated on the early Prunus blossom, and managed several photos that I’m quite pleased with. I hope it’s not obvious that this is a composite of two hand-held shots of this little spray.

If you haven’t already seen it when I shared it on Facebook, I hope you might enjoy the singer-songwriters amusing themselves by covering O My Star by Anais Mitchell and Rachel Ries.