Mono Monday: Link

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I photographed some far more obvious links today: a couple of bridges, and the Chain Ferry which links Waterside in Stratford with the Recreation Ground. But I just like this photo of Chesterton Windmill more, so I’ll have to come up with some tenuous reasoning as to why it fits the theme…

Firstly there’s the link between past and present: the Windmill was built in 1632, and according to Wikipedia is the oldest mill in the country retaining its working parts. It’s not in frequent use, but is operated on regular open days.

Then there’s the link between the structure and its function within this view: the land around the Windmill is farmed and the crops are rotated, but rather pleasingly, at the moment it sits in a sea of wheat. In fact, it was seeing this in someone else’s photo on Facebook the other day that made me think it was time I made another visit.

And finally there are the leading lines in the photo made by some kind of farm vehicle, which link the viewer with the ridge on which the Windmill is standing.

Phew! I think I got away with it…