Mono Monday: Favourite place

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This is The Boston Tea Party in Stratford-upon-Avon. It’s not my absolutely favourite place on the planet, of course: given the chance of being in The CafĂ© Museum in Vienna, or Hotel Central or Restaurace Francouzska in Prague, the Met Museum in New York, or pretty much anywhere in Bruges, I’d take them like a shot. But it’s one of my favourite places in this area, when I’m not grubbing around nature reserves – that being one of the few things that makes me happier when I’m on home turf than sitting about drinking coffee and eating cake.

I had a productive but largely boring day today, updating software and running multiple back-ups across various machines. But this afternoon I had to go to the GP’s surgery to pick up a prescription, and as that took me half way to Stratford, it seemed silly not to go the other half and pop in to BTP. R came too – just for the craic (as we don’t say in the English Midlands). I did take some other photos around the town that I quite like, but none of them are of places that I like as much as I do this one.