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Artificial sunshine for a wet day. Sunday afternoon fartnarklery when the light’s bad, the weather’s too poor to go out, and you’ve got the autumn’s-setting-in-now-and-the-insects-are-dying blues. I almost flicked the heating on this morning, then gritted my teeth and put on a big woolly cardi instead. Dinner this evening: oven-roasted sausages with red cabbage and mashed swede.

Still, trying to look on the bright side: over the next few months I may manage to finish all my back-processing, and update my web site. I might even get round to installing the monitor calibrator I bought…. ummm…. quite a while ago. And BGCC will be starting any minute; and choir – we’re singing Christmas music this season. Christmas….

It’ll be spring before I’ve properly drawn breath. There! I’ve cheered myself up: I’m almost ready to go and stake out the garden in anticipation of the bee-flies and hairy-footed flower bees emerging!

Technicals: 3-shot focus-stack at +1 stop exposure. ISO 200; f/16; 1/5 second. I used two angled LED lights because it was sooooo dark in the conservatory.