Mid-life crisis

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After giving the situation long and careful consideration, and forensically analysing all the pros and cons, I have decided that it’s time to have a mid-life crisis.

Somewhat late in the day, admittedly (unless sixty can be said to be the new forty), but natural indolence tends to militate against me being an early adopter.

Mine will not be red however, because that would be gratuitous. And besides, I never wear red – with my skin and hair it makes me look like the undead. I feel that pale pearly grey is more becoming to my age and complexion.

It’s really quite a ladylike vehicle. Until you put your foot down.

It’s like sitting on a skateboard. I can get into it via the power of gravity, but I may need to take up Pilates again to be reliably able to get back out.

The centre of gravity is so low that it corners as if it’s on rails.

30mph is so low down on the speedometer that I couldn’t even find it without my glasses on.

Driving with the top down feels fantastic.

There’s room in the boot for a camera bag and a spare set of smalls, but pretty much nothing else.

I can’t wait for it to be delivered.

I really think I might have lost my mind this time. I went in there to buy a 4×4…..