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I had vowed to clear my desk of stray paperwork today, but must confess that I didn’t get very far. I’ve been feeling tired and under the weather all day, with the inevitable result that I’ve spent far more time than was sensible slumped in front of my computer, reading political articles on social media and winding myself up about everything that’s going on in the world.

At lunch time R went off out for a brisk 3-mile walk, but all I felt able to do was a quick bug hunt around the garden. I was quick, too: it was bitterly cold, with a cutting wind, and I didn’t want to be outside for any longer than strictly necessary. Nor did the bugs – my tally today was four Hairy-footed Flower Bees, one Early Bumblebee and a solitary Drone Fly.

As I was searching the front borders, this hyacinth caught my eye. I only have two, and I didn’t plant them (though I have moved them a few times when I’ve been clearing weeds and have accidentally dug up the bulbs) – and every year it’s a surprise to me when their waxy heads appear. They always get eaten by something – snails probably, which are voracious round here and seem to have a particular penchant for anything photogenic – so that by the time they’re properly open they’re already looking ragged, and I rarely get around to photographing them. Today I realised that I was still in time to capture this one (the other is far more scarred), and I decided on a top-down view of the head. I quite like it, and I hope you do too.

Many thanks to everyone who left nice comments, stars and hearts on yesterday’s view of Pulteney Bridge; I hope that by the next time I find myself in Bath the light will be a little more forgiving, and if it is I’ll take another walk to see what else I can find for you.