Probably grass. Maybe.

What it actually looks most like to me is barley – and living here, that’s quite possible – but I don’t claim any kind of expertise. I’m sure mollyblobs would know, but it’s a bit late in the day for me to be asking her. So all I can say for sure is that it’s some kind of self-seeded grassy stuff, that was growing out of the drive until I picked it for this shot.

Photographing this grass is virtually all I’ve done today, other than rummaging around for photos for the Bride-to-Be, and scanning ones of which I don’t have spares. Not that I don’t trust her with the originals, but… no, never mind. Anyway, I was about fourteen hours on the Bride-to-Be photo project, thus didn’t get the competition entry done that I also needed to finalise today, and frankly, I’m feeling a bit unhinged.  So if I’m gibbering, please overlook.

Oh, I almost forgot – I did actually take five minutes to do something else: I’ve ordered myself a swanky new macro lens. Because I’m worth it.