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And so another day of not very much at all has drifted past.

I got myself in a bit of a tizz this morning when I discovered that my second batch of pond plants is nowhere even close to being despatched, because apparently other people are doing ponds as well at the moment (!!!), and the nursery is struggling to fulfil all the orders it’s receiving. But being cross just made me tired, so I gave up on that and ordered some more from a different source. Because you can’t have too many pond plants.

Can you….?

Anyway, the plants we already have are settling in pretty well, thanks for asking, quite a few water beetles have already moved in, and the ponds are starting to look reasonably inviting. But with the Odonata season now kicking off, I’m trying to get them to resemble five star private hospital maternity suites in short order, before some sniffy damselfly takes a look at them, turns her nose up, and goes off to oviposit somewhere else. Under normal circumstances I’d have great fun driving round all the local aquatic centres and choosing everything I need to create luxuriant planting schemes, but having to rely on mail order makes this part of the project quite slow and rather stressful.

Other than haunting the ponds and counting the leaves on the Nymphoides peltata, I’ve done some file processing and some wildlife recording today, and finished John le CarrĂ©’s memoir The Pigeon Tunnel, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and recommend if you like his fiction. And I did my usual two circuits of the village this evening, plus an extra couple of hundred (guilty) metres with the camera, to get some photos of this new hawthorn blossom in the hedgerow along the lane.

I’m sure I’m not alone in finding some days easier than others at the moment. Today was, frankly, a bit trying, but tomorrow, with luck, will be better.