Friday squirrel

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R has chosen today’s photo. Perhaps I bigged up the amount of effort it cost me to get this shot, dodging around the tree trying to keep the squirrel in view and get focus, as as it tried to get out of sight; or perhaps he’s just trying to spare you another duck. Personally I prefer the duck – though that’s always going to be the case, because ducks – but I decided to go with the squirrel, because I am slightly intrigued by whatever it was carrying. It looks like a piece of bark, but it had been dug up in the park and carried off to the tree as if it was food. Suggestions on a postcard, please.

Other than a trip to Stratford to run errands, walk the river, and eat what turned out to be highly disappointing cake, I haven’t done anything notable today, which saves me some typing and you some reading. I hope you have a good weekend, whatever you’re going to be getting up to.