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If you know someone who’s mad enough to stuff steel wool into what looks like half an old kitchen whisk, attach it to a chain, set fire to it, and whirl it round his head; and that person offers to do his fire-raising thing for the photographic delectation of you and some other acquaintances – well, I think it would be rude to turn him down.

I would like to stress that no humans, animals, cameras, tripods, trees, or bandstands were hurt during the taking of this photo – though there was quite a strong smell of singeing from fairly close to me, so it’s possible that someone’s moustache went up in smoke. Not mine though, happily.

With thanks to RH, who was great this evening – telling us exactly what he was going to do each time he set up a new stunt, and suggesting appropriate camera settings to give us the best chance of getting good images.