Fields of lead-tin yellow

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It has a ring to it, don’t you think? Someone should put it in a song lyric.

Forgive the waspishness, if you would (fields of waspish yellow?). Today was a long day, much of it spent travelling, and alternately boring and stressful. I’ll spare you the detailed version.

By the time we were a few miles from home I still hadn’t turned on the camera, so when I spotted the quite decent late afternoon light on this Cotswold farm and the hillside beyond it, R sweetly found somewhere to turn the car round and went back so I could photograph it. How we didn’t both die I don’t know: I had to walk a couple of hundred yards along a very rough and rutted verge, from the lay-by where he pulled in to the gateway of this field, and the traffic was going past me at 60mph – frightening enough when it was just cars and motorbikes, but the lorries were quite terrifying; and then when R followed me and pulled in to pick me up, drivers were actually swerving around our car, so as not to have to slow down and add a few seconds to their journey time.

Anyway, we survived – which in the context of today counts as a win. And I like the photo, so that’s good too. Please do look full-screen, if you have the time.