Emergency macro

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A horrible day: windy, dark, wet, and cold. I spent most of it at my desk, but realised part way through the afternoon that I needed to shape myself and take a photo soon, or I’d be having to get the lights out, so I scuttled into the freezing conservatory and rattled off a few close-ups of the tulips I bought at New Year. They’ve reached the stage I call “interesting”, but which is probably more accurately described as “derelict”.

This evening I gritted my teeth and drove through the storm to camera club, to hear a lecture from a chap who refuses to go digital and shoots exclusively with film. I tried to get it, but failed. On the way back I was turning into the village when some idiot in a truck came tearing round the corner on my side of the road, forcing me to veer left into the kerb. Bang goes another alloy….