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R had errands to run in Stratford this afternoon, and I tagged along for the steps, and the coffee. It had been a dreary morning, and in any case I’d been too busy to go out in the garden with the macro, so I was wholly reliant for today’s post on finding something to photograph in town. On the first half of our walk the sky blackened and it rained, which was irritating as it had been forecast to be fine all afternoon, but by the time we were walking back to the car it had fined up, and there was some quite nice dusky light.

Rather than post another static Black-headed Gull on reflective water – though I did get several quite nice photos of that kind to add to my growing collection – I thought I’d go with a flight shot today. This particular bird gave me a pretty good workout, circling round and round the Bancroft Basin as if undecided whether or not to risk landing in the water, while I rotated on the spot to try to keep it in view and in focus. I’m not sure what created the yellow bokeh, but I think it must be the lights of a building on the far side of the Old Tramway Bridge, shining through some trees.