Day Two

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Because R and I had a two-day wedding – Registry Office and high tea for a handful of people on the Friday, followed by a church blessing and reception on the Saturday – we feel that we’re morally entitled to a two-day anniversary. We rarely take advantage of this (in fact, we don’t always do much to celebrate even Day One), but given that we’re dripping pearls this year, we decided to indulge ourselves a little.

This is a dresser in the dining room of the Howard Arms at Ilmington – a secluded and beautiful village in the Cotswolds, where almost every house has you going, “That one! I want that one!! Oh… that one’s even more lovely! Can we have that one please?”. The Howard Arms does decent bistro food and has nice letting rooms and a lovely garden, so we’re having dinner here and staying over.

Alcohol may be imbibed.