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So, it was a good news and bad news sort of day.

The bad news was that the boiler man couldn’t find anything wrong with the boiler, suggesting that the fault lies within the territory of our plumber-and-heating-engineer – who is currently sunning himself on a stormswept mountain in Wales. R has managed to contact him via distress flare, and he’s promised to despatch an electrician on Monday. (I have some quite good stories about the electrician, but in the interests of having heating and hot water restored, I’m going to keep them to myself.)

I have to say that it would have been more convenient if all this had happened during the recent unseasonal heatwave, rather than now, when the house is being shaken to its foundations by the waves of weather currently rolling across the Shire…. but we are where we are.

The good news is that I managed to complete my entry for next week’s club competition with a full three days to spare, including cutting three fairly creditable mounts for the photos I had printed yesterday. Inevitably I now hate all the images I’ve chosen, but at least that means that I’ll have something in common with the judge.

Oh good – it’s wine o’clock.