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I’m glad that R and I went for a walk along the Avon while it was sunny yesterday, because today has been vile: Storm Frank is blowing through, bearing horizontal rain.

I spent the morning on one of my end-of-year tasks, sorting out a few glitches in my photo files and backing them up to an external hard drive and to my PC (which is still in service, simply because moving everything over to the Mac is currently double-filed under Too Difficult and Too Boring). Around lunch time my attention was caught by a tremendous noise outside, and I glanced out of the window to see a storm surge blowing along the road outside the house, whipping the trees around and pushing sheets of rain along. That would make an interesting long-exposure shot, I thought – but by the time I’d set up a tripod with the camera on appropriate settings the surge had passed, and a photo of somewhat blowy, wet greyness didn’t seem so appealing.

Then I remembered that I’d brought a Clematis tangutica seed head into the house a couple of days ago, so I set up the camera in the conservatory and took a few shots of it with the new lens. I got a couple of nice single images at f/11 and f/16; but in the end I preferred the composition of this one, which is a six-layer focus stack.

I’m now going to wrap myself up like a North Sea fisherman and try to encourage the hound outside for a canine comfort break; after which (if I don’t drown) I’ll settle down for a look through some journals.

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