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David Attenborough type voiceover:

Having searched the back garden in vain for the elusive Cinnabar moth, the photographer realises that if she is to take a postable photograph today she will have to find another subject. Deciding to visit a nearby wild flower meadow, she leaves the house via the front door, only to be confronted by the sight of a pair of raspberry-coloured hindwings, fluttering about the front lawn. Moving very slowly and carefully, she stalks her quarry to rest, shooting steadily as she approaches ever closer. The photo shoot comes to an end only when the Cinnabar moth takes advantage of the photographer’s attention being momentarily distracted by the arrival of a Red Admiral butterfly to make its escape.

I did contemplate taking part in Mono Monday today, but my only claims to fame are a couple of interviews on local radio, and having my name appear in an article about the late George Michael in the Worcester Evening News – none of which inspired the flowing of the creative juices, if I’m honest. I apologise for being such an under-achiever.

However, I think we can all celebrate the fact that I finally, as it were, nailed my moth – if only because I can now stop going on about it. I was caught between being thrilled skinny to have found one in a photographable position, and worried that it was there because it was struggling to fly with a large piece torn out of its left hindwing. However it didn’t seem to have any difficulty sneaking off out of the garden during the few seconds I turned my lens on the Red Admiral, so I think it’s probably coping.