Champagne hangover

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I very rarely get them – largely because a couple of measures of anything is pretty much my limit these days – but there’s something particularly mean and piercing about a fizz hangover. I’ve been mainlining carbohydrate all day in an effort to see off the after-effects of a little too much celebrating yesterday, but all that’s happened is that I’m now stodgy and grumpy on top of being headachey and tired. Still – I’ll have nearly a year of not feeling like this until the next birthday comes around, so things could be worse.

Waking up feeling a little under the weather, and with the weather itself absolutely horrible, it was probably unwise of me to go out Christmas shopping this morning; let’s just step around that part of the day. This afternoon I got into a fight with some large stargazer lilies about whether or not they’d consent to be photographed. I lost, which was pretty much a metaphor for the day up till that point, but then I remembered the equation:

Christmas bauble + Macro lens = Festive fun

so out came the light pad, and a soft box. “Fun” might be overstating the case slightly, but I did get quite interested in the process of taking a few bauble photos. Expect more of this kind of thing if the weather stays horrible over the next few days; I may even have to break out the Christmas bokeh templates.

Many thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday – your kind thoughts were much appreciated.