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There were several very clean and very well-behaved dogs hanging out at Boston Tea Party this morning, having brunch and reading the papers. I’m sure this notion disturbs some people, so it’s lucky that there are plenty of dog-free caf├ęs available for them. Personally, it nourished my soul.

R and I were merely eating cake and drinking coffee, but it was clear to me that R was suffering from severe brunch envy. At one point I had my cake fork poised to stab him in the arm, because I feared he was about to make a grab for the sausage bap a child was eating at the next table, but it turned out that I’d mistaken the direction of his gaze: he was actually quivering in the direction of a plate of smoked salmon topped with eggs Benedict. Nonetheless, I thought it best to remove him before there was an Unpleasant Incident.

More dogs having brunch here.