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I had to do some work today – actual work – and such was the shock to my system that R felt the need to take me to Broadway afterwards and buy me a cheese scone, to build my strength back up. Every cloud.

It was a miserable, cold, grey day, and I was struggling to find inspiration for photography, but I thought it might be interesting to do something with the Pep Ventosa technique (currently all the rage in the SheClicks group on Facebook). This is a section of Broadway High Street, taken in a series of frames by panning from the same spot; when I mashed them together in Photoshop, I tried to bring out some elements and have others as faint suggestions. I’m not sure it worked quite as I expected, but anyway – I sort of like it.

I’d forgotten though how much fartnarkling is involved in images like this. Given the current state of my file backlog, I really need to give myself less processing to do, rather than more, so (as with cheese scones) I think I’d better keep this kind of stuff as an occasional treat.