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We went for a Boxing Day walk en famille this morning – it was bright, but brisk, and it was amusing to see how many other people were out and about on the same mission, mostly wrapped up like Inuit hunters. When we got back to the house L and G packed themselves up, raided the fridge for left-overs, and went off back to Wales. H was supposed to have been staying through till tomorrow, but given the forecast of a band of wintry weather coming in overnight, and settling across the country from the South West through to Yorkshire, he decided it was more sensible to drive today instead – so by early afternoon R and I were on our own.

As I was a bit sad anyway I thought I might as well do some chores, so I did several loads of washing and (helped by R) cleaned the oven. I was trying to avoid comfort eating, but did construct a splendid left-overs sandwich, which as well as the traditional meat, cranberry sauce, meat, mayonnaise and meat, contained dauphinoise potatoes and Brussels sprouts – because I was thinking that 2018 ought to be all about healthy living, and I should probably get in some training by balancing my post-Christmas diet. Then, because 2018 isn’t quite here yet and I don’t think you should over-train, I drank quite a lot of left-overs wine.

I’m now going to go and lie down.