Birthday boy

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“Oh good heavens! I don’t want any birthday fuss at my age!

No, really – when you’ve had as many birthdays as I have, it’s just another day in the calendar…

Sorry – what was that? (Bit deaf now…) Oh – a birthday treat? Really? For me??

Well, being allowed to stop wearing this ridiculous garment would be very acceptable. And you refraining from lacing my breakfast with poison.

No…? Neither of those things? Why am I not surprised? Happy birthday to Roley. Not.

You seem to have something on a plate there – more poison, I’m guessing, given the way I’m treated round here.

Oh… liver treats…. well, yes, I am rather partial to a liver treat, as it happens.

The only slight problem is that you’ve put them down quite a long way away, and your sidekick seems to be holding me back via a lead attached to the straightjacket…

I think I know what’s happening here – you’re not actually going to give me the treats, are you? This is all about let’s make Roley look silly, so we can have a jolly good laugh at him.

On his birthday.”

*No terriers were harmed during the taking of this photo, and Roley and Arthur were allowed to eat the liver treats afterwards.

Happy birthday Roley!