I don’t want to worry you…

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… but my Christmas cactus is feeling festive, which means it’s probably time to put the sprouts on.

Actually, this may well not be the only one of these you see thisĀ Flower Friday – I’ve noticed a few on friends’ journals recently. In my experience they usually come through a little before Christmas, but I don’t remember this one being quite this early before.

Before I go I’d like to share a phrase with you which you might find useful at some point. I’m sure you know the expression “he took to it like a duck to water”, but I would like to propose as its antithesis:

He took to it like a terrier to a harness.

It took three of us (R, me and Arthur) to coax Roley around the village this morning. By the time we got home he’d almost forgotten the complete ruination to which his life has been condemned by the arrival in it of the harness, but I’d give quite a lot to be able to share with you the sight I had just now of R trying to persuade him to go for his afternoon walk, while the tiny rebel sat with his harnessed back turned, and steadfastly declined to cooperate. Priceless…