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This has been another day of trying to clear out my backlogged to-do list, with the added interest that I’ve been fighting a lurking migraine for much of the day, and losing. To describe me as feeling festive right now would be about as accurate as describing Boris Johnson as honourable, or Donald Trump as a bastion of truth and decency.

I don’t normally do Abstract Thursday, because my photography isn’t generally all that creative; but as I knew I was falling back on a shot of one of the decorations I thought that I might have a bit of a play with it in Photoshop. This turned into a two-hour play, with multiple layers added and removed again, before I arrived at this and decided that it had something I quite liked. Ingeborg set us the task of producing a geometric abstract – which this isn’t – but I did at least show willing by mosaicing one of my layers! I hope that you can still see, despite all the fartnarkling, that it’s a Christmas wreath.

Many thanks for all the congratulations on my panel success yesterday, and for some helpful printer advice.