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You know it’s been a bad owling day when several people – including some with lenses twice the size of your own – are prowling down the lane in pursuit of two bemused yellowhammers. The yellowhammers were not impressed, and left again almost immediately.

“You should have been here yesterday!” said one of the old lags. “Four of them in this field, just there, close to the wall.”

“Hahahaha,” said Hillyblips and I.

“No, really!”

“Yeah, sure.”

At which point we were shown some outstanding photos on the back of someone’s camera, and while making all the appropriate noises of admiration I began to sob inwardly.

“Never mind,” said an OL kindly, “there’s always tomorrow.”

By this time I was shaking with cold and couldn’t feel my feet at all, so I left too.

There is, as a wise man once said, always tomorrow.